Queen Ana Eleven Disrespekful Stream and Download

Queen Ana Eleven comes up with new street anthem “Disrespekful”. She’s leading the pack in their missions to stack it up. She sounds like a ninja of sort as she’s accompanied by her squad kicking down obstacles in double time. Get em! The track will hit the stores on the 25th January on Itunes, google play, tidal, 33 stores and etc; 250 countries worldwide.

Stream and Download this fresh single below:

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Bump the song while reading the lyrics here:

disrespekful when I’m swerving in my bm
Disrespekful when he all up my dm
Disrespekful when I buy ur nigga a bottle
Disrespekful when I smack a hot model
Disrespekful x4

verse 1:
Bizzle on ma wri ,
ah think it coh me hunnerds,
and em hoes all mad
coh ma paper hunerds
Big stars on ma head ,
bitch am the queen/
Big stars on ma head ,
bitch am the queen/
Erthing customize,
Alexander mcqueen
Ah be sipping Dom P,
you be balling on lean
Niggaz doing life,
stop saying you gangsta,
pulling all ma choppers ,
every hit is a banger
Numbers don’t lie Ana Eleven,
am talking 12 digits Ana a trillion
All you hoes better change!! cloths !! /
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/queen-ana-eleven/-/disrespekful.html]
Am on a different level/Tim!! Bos!!!
Lip gloss ,lollipop,am a boss wooeeew/bought a new coat just to match with the doe/
Agat time for money,that’s a Swiss watch/ain’t gat time for Niggaz/you can bae watch

verse 2:
Synagogue ,Holy Lord
ah be praying for em,
hallelujah on these hoes
ah bre praying for em
Once upon a time
ah was just a little kid,
then ah came up ,
then ah came
then ah did it big/
Swerving in a big body bm/
hustle till a fucking pm
Fity Niggaz all up in ma dam dm
Dark widow you can call me Blanco/
double cross me/
you gonna get the sign zoro
Erday shopping,erday polo,
am on a jet flying ,no marcopolo
Gun belts,only belts on ma waist,
talking shit about me bitch you gonna be a waste
Am on a vampire shit that’s a blood taste.
Get the deal wrong you know that’s a court case.
Ever ever seen a chick flip a brick?
Ever ever seen a chick getting money quick?

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