SOCIAL MIX VIII (147 downloads)


Frank Ocean – street fighter
donnie trumpet – Music Found Me
340ml – What Happens In Between
Jamila Woods – Questions
Ellie Goulding – Take Me to Church (Hozier Cover)
Empire Cast – What Is Love (feat. V. Bozeman)
J.Cole – Chaining Day
Kids These Days – A Man’s Medley
ASAP Rocky – Max B (Ft. Joe Fox)
Tyler the creator – Find Your Wings
hellomiloandotis – Hey Ya (Live)
Little Dragon cover ‘Millionaire’
Saba – SmthnthtIwnt
Lupe Fiasco – Prisoner 1 & 2 Ft. Ayesha Jaco.mp3
Kendrick Lamar – These Walls (Ellen Live)
Open Mike Eagle – Sadface Penance Raps
Earl Sweatshirt – Inside
Frank Ocean – End
Drake Ft. Beyonce – Can I
The Weeknd – Untitled Mood Music (Live)
jean deaux – GENESIS
Rick Ross – Sixteen (Feat Andre 3000)
Action Bronson – THUG LOVE STORY 2017 THE MUSICAL (Interlude)
The Social Experiment – Warm Enough (Feat. J. Cole)

This was actually made for people i love, the ones i don’t care about their opinion cause either way, they love me back.

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